The world of Ever After High can be self-described by some delightful wordplay. Fairy tales are rich material and because "fairy tales" are loosely defined in EAH, there are abundant themes from which to derive puns. Note that some sources are used as the root of many varying words, such as the popular "throne" (used in both "thronecoming" and in place of the word "thrown"), or "hex" (used in both "hext" and "hexquisite.")


  • Castleteria - Cafeteria
  • Charmitorium - Auditorium
  • Mirror Lab - Computer Lab (The Storybook Of Legends)


  • Best Friends Forever After - Best Friends Forever
  • ==Phrases/Figures of SpeechEdit==
    • Book to School- Back to School (common)
    • Charm you later - See you later (common)
    • Ever after - Ever (common)
    • Fableous - Fabulous (common)
    • Fairy-fail - Fail (True Reflections) 
    • Freedom Year - First Year at Ever After High (The Storybook of Legends)
    • Hex - Check (common)
    • Hexcellent - Excellent (common)
    • Hexquisite - Exquisite (common)
    • Hocus Focus - Focus
    • Last chapter - Last season (common)
    • Legacy Year - Second Year at Ever After High (The Storybook of Legends) 
    • Mother-goosebumps - Goosebumps
    • Nursery Rhyme- Children/Kids (The Storybook of Legends)
    • Oh my Wand - Oh my God (Apple White's diary)
    • Page-ripper - Wild party (Brair Beauty)
    • Spellebration - Celebration (Brair's doll profile) 
    • Spellebrity - Celebrity (Raven Queen's Diary) 
    • Throne - Thrown ("Apple's Tale: A story of a Royal" description)
    • Throne-coming - Homecoming (Brair Beauty's Diary)
    • Thronework - Homework (Ever After High Website's Are You A Royal or Rebel? quiz)
    • Wait a splinter - Wait a second (Cedar Wood)
    • What-ever-after - Whatever (Apple White's story)
    • Wonderlandiful - Wonderful (Madeline Hatter's story

Pop CultureEditEdit