1.1 Back of the Box BlurbEdit

Shut the storybooks  you thought you knew and open a new chapter at Ever After High, Where the spellbinding teenagers of classic fairytale legends choose to either follow their parents footsteps or discover their own Happily Ever After!

1.2 QuotesEdit

  • A Natural Beatuy (Ashlynn Ella)
  • Just Right, Never Wrong (Blondie Lockes)
  • Living the Dream (Brair Beauty)
  • Most Fabulous one of all (Apple White)
  • Conjuring my own destiny (Raven Queen)
  • Mischief and Madness (Madeline Hatter)
  • Cloaked in Mystery (Cerise Hood)
  • Truth, Justice and Furry Critters (Hunter Huntsman)

1.3 diariesEdit

The Diaries comes with the 'basic' dolls each start with a new oretation

1.4 ProfilesEdit

Most spaces on the back of the box is taken up by the characters' profiles that can also be found on the Ever After High Website. Each profile is preceded with an introduction paragraph on the characters unique to the boxes.

2 Legacy DayEdit

2.1 Back of the box blurbEdit

The fairest fairyteens of Ever After High are ready to spellebrate Legacy Day.